Consultation Center Partner Program

CONSULTATION CENTER is a project of the Mayer Group, which is held within the exhibitions 2 times a year for those wishing to develop direct contacts with foreign partners and contract manufacturing.

In 2024, the Partner Program will continue from March 27 to 29 with Expocentre Fairgrounds.
Participation in the Consultation Center is a unique opportunity for participants and visitors to get advice from service companies on certification and quality of goods, choosing reliable suppliers of goods, entering marketplaces and retail chains, financing foreign economic activity, logistics and customs clearance, delivery of goods, as well as other advice on possible cooperation with Chinese and other foreign partners.

- Banks and financial companies
- Logistics companies
- Certification centers
- Foreign suppliers advisers
- Marketplaces
- Services for marketplaces and online stores
- Legal and consulting companies
Service companies offering their services to buyers and manufacturers during the events will be able to expand their customer base, increase the number of orders for their services and increase brand awareness through targeted consultations with Russian and foreign exhibitors and their potential customers.

Major Cargo Service, Optimalog, Transunicom, Modulbank, OZON, SberMegaMarket "SIRIUS "Transport Solutions" have already participated in the program.