for retail chains
and marketplaces

International Specialized Grand Salon
Toy Market
March 26-28, 2025
EXPOCENTER, Moscow |  co-located event: ChristmasBox Podarki

Feedback from exhibitors
ChristmasBox Podarki
and International Specialized Salon
Toy Market 2024

Maximum return from participation
in the Big Salon Toy Market

Toy Market brings together the two most important categories of visitors - buyers of retail chains and active sellers of marketplaces.

The unique combination of these streams opens up tremendous opportunities for your business and gives participants a unique competitive advantage

Here you can present your goods and services to a wide audience, establish productive business contacts, and find new partners.

Toy Market is the leading platform where you can meet key market players and maximize your sales.

Join us and expand your business with Toy Market!

New opportunities

The best wholesale companies and marketplace sellers from Russia, Belarus and Central Asia are interested in purchasing your new products in the school-, games- and toys-SKU categories.

Unique opportunities and maximum return on your company's participation in the Toy Market Industry Salon:

  • New flow of customers from leading federal and regional retail chains: Auchan, Lenta, Perekrestok, Magnit, M-Video, Svetofor, Familia, Fix Price and others.
  • Thousands of active sellers of Ozon, Wildberries, MegaMarket, Yandex.Market. New niches for supplying your products and new partners
  • Import of products to Belarus and Central Asia through trade networks of CIS countries. New distributors of your products and geographical expansion of your products throughout Russia, CIS and friendly countries
  • Over 150 new promising contacts during the 3 days of the event with buyers of retail chains, marketplace sellers, retailers and children's goods stores, who are looking for new suppliers at exhibitions

Преимущества участия:

  • Результативные прямые контакты с закупщиками детских товаров, игр и игрушек
  • Высокое качество посетительской аудитории
  • Возможность воспользоваться кросс-потоком целевой профессиональной В2В аудитории выставок ГК Майер HouseHold Expo и ChristmasBox Podarki (свыше 27 500 специалистов приняли участие в работе выставок осенью 2023 г.) и существенно увеличить сбыт продукции.

Benefits of participation

  • Effective direct contacts with buyers of children's goods, games and toys
  • High quality of the visitor audience
  • Opportunity to take advantage of the cross-flow of the target professional B2B audience of the Mayer Group's HouseHold Expo and ChristmasBox Podarki exhibitions (over 27,500 professionals attended the exhibitions in the fall of 2023) and significantly increase product sales.

Additional benefits

  • Special mailings to interested distributors of the product catalog and/or other information about the product, company, commercial offers
  • Arrangement of meetings with potential partners within the BUYER-SUPPLIER session Consultation Center Partner Program provides consulting on entering marketplaces and retail chains, selection of reliable foreign partners when launching contract manufacturing and/or suppliers of goods, certification and determination of goods quality, financing of foreign economic activity, logistics and optimal delivery options under contracts.
  • www.expo-retail.ru permanent platform provides online interaction between exhibitors and visitors, introduces premieres and novelties of upcoming events in advance, and makes it possible to schedule meetings at exhibitors' stands.

Business program

Work has begun on the preparation of the All-Russian Industry Forum “Supplier of children’s toys to retail chains and wholesale” and business-meetings "Procurement center of networks TM", which will be held within the business program of the "Toy Market" Industry Salon (Moscow, Expocentre, March 27-29, 2024).

Companies willing to share their expert opinion with industry participants can become speakers of the business program upon agreement with the organizers. Proposals can be sent to info@igrushka-market.ru.

Деловая программа Салона:

  • Всероссийский Отраслевой Форум «Поставщик детских игрушек в торговые сети»

    Компании, готовые поделиться экспертным мнением с участниками индустрии, могут стать спикерами деловой программы по согласованию c организаторами. Предложения можно направлять на info@igrushka-market.ru.

Professional visitors

Regular buyers of exhibitions by GC Mayer, organizer of HouseHold Expo and ChristmasBoх Podarki, incl. retail chains and children's goods stores, SELLERS are interested in purchasing goods in the school-, games- and toys-SKU categories:

  • Soft, mechanical, wooden, and plastic toys
  • Interactive, educational and developing toys, board games
  • Dolls, doll houses and accessories
  • Puzzles, mindgames
  • Hobby, craft and design
  • Stationery and school supplies
  • Children’s carnival and stage costumes, masks, everything for funs and practical jokes

Visitors to Mayer Group's exhibitions

The events are visited by buyers from 85 regions of Russia and more than 25 countries of the world.

owners and general directors of children's stores and toy stores, specialized chains, top managers and purchasing directors of leading retailers, individual entrepreneurs, private label managers, representatives of wholesale companies, book and stationery stores

 Visitors to the exhibition are buyers of leading marketplaces, online stores and federal and regional retail chains, children's stores:
Familia, FIX Price, Gulliver, Hamleys, HOFF, Kari KIDS, Kids4Kids, Lamoda, Metro, OZON, Rich Family, Wildberries, Biblio Globus, Bubble Gum, WINNIE, VotOnYa, Detsky Mir, Dochki Synochki, Kenguru, Komus, Korablik, Leroy Merlin, Moscow House of Books, Russian Post, SberMarket, Stockmann, Tvoi Dom, Yandex.Market and many others.

Профиль посетителей

Байеры из 85 регионов России и более чем 50 стран мира: представители розничных сетей, владельцы и генеральные директора детских магазинов и магазинов игрушек, топ-менеджеры и директора по закупкам ведущих ритейлеров, индивидуальные предприниматели, СТМ менеджеры, представители оптовых компании, книжных и канцелярских магазинов.

Среди постоянных посетителей выставок ГК Майер:

Детский мир, Яндекс.Маркет, Wildberries, OZON, СДЭК Маркет, Леруа Мерлен, Почта России, СберМегаМаркет, Lamoda, Tmall, Кенгуру, OBI, Metro, Твой дом, Familia, FIX Price, HOFF, Стокманн, Комус, Gulliver, Hamleys, Kari KIDS, Kids4Kids, Toy.ru и многие другие.